Health and Safety

Arrival and Departure:

All students are met at the airport upon arrival and escorted to the program. At the conclusion of the program, students are accompanied to the airport where our staff oversee check-in. One of our representatives remains at the airport until all students have departed.

Safety and Supervision:

Our programs take place in secure residences with 24-7 security. Day-to-day life is overseen by a program Director and staff of Deans as well as our faculty. Each program has an office on-site which is open and staffed from 8am until well past midnight to ensure all students can seek advice or assistance when needed. Students are expected to check in with their Dean every evening before curfew. The Director, the Deans, and some other members of the faculty live in the residences alongside the students to ensure round-the-clock supervision and care.

Rules about exploring the cities vary from program to program. Generally, students are free to discover the surrounding area in groups without adult supervision during the day and, in the programs for older students, in the evening. At other times, staff are available to accompany students.


On the Oxford and Cambridge Prep programs, all students must check in with a Dean between 9 and 10 p.m. Program staff then perform bedroom checks at lights-out, which is at 11 p.m. On the other programs, students check in with the Deans between 10 and 11 p.m. They can then make use of the common areas, watch movies, or socialize quietly until midnight, when they are expected to be in their own rooms.

Medical Emergencies:

Oxbridge enjoys close relationships with doctors on every program and with leading hospitals in the cities in which they take place. Through our parent organization, WorldStrides, we also provide around-the-clock access to a U.S.-based doctor for phone consultations.

Zero-Tolerance Policy:

Even if a student is of legal drinking age in the country of their program, they are prohibited from purchasing, possessing, or consuming alcohol or drugs.
(Needs confirmation: this is in reference to legal age in Europe)


Since the outbreak of Covid-19, we have taken the proper measures to ensure that our programs are safe and successful. Thanks to these efforts, we were able to host hundreds of our students during the summer of 2021 without a single positive case. Our precautions are always evolving as local and international guidelines change.
(Needs confirmation: Per Kate, include 2022 stats?)

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What People Are Saying About Oxbridge Academic Programs

This was by far the most informative-while-being-interactive class I’ve ever had, and it made learning easier and more fun. Oxbridge made a huge impact on me by increasing my confidence and uncovering my strong interest in global business that I now hope to pursue.


Oxbridge Student

Thanks to the Cambridge Tradition experience, my daughter is much more mature, has a better knowledge of how to live abroad without her family, and she’s better prepared for university! Her time at Oxbridge reaffirmed that she wants to study architecture and now she has all the skills to reach her goals.

Ana Maria

Cambridge Tradition Parent

Our daughter had a wonderful experience, and she found the Psychology and Genetics courses engaging and useful. She learned new things, made friends, and had 4 amazing weeks! Many thanks to your entire team for making this possible!

Oxbridge Parent

Our daughter loved the Oxford Prep program. She enjoyed her Major, made nice friends, and really began to feel more independent and confident while exploring beautiful Oxford. A great experience through and through and just what we all were hoping for! In fact, she is already talking about participating in the Cambridge program next year.


Oxbridge Prep Parent

Just wanted to reach out to thank you for helping to make my daughter’s summer spectacular! She returned on Saturday and has clearly grown from the summer experience. She raves about her time with Dr. Tijn Van Winden and her French teacher.


Oxbridge in Paris Parent

Thank you for making my son’s experience at Cambridge so memorable! Usually reserved, he talked the whole way home from the airport about what he learned in class, the friends he made, and the museums he visited. My son was initially a bit reluctant to attend a two-week course, but at the end of the second week - he was sad it was ending so quickly!

Cambridge Prep Parent

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