Student Life

A Typical Day on an Oxbridge Program

Students and staff eat breakfast together, exchange ideas, and gear up for the day ahead. As the meal ends, everyone hurries off to their Major classes. Of course, for many, the classroom that day might be a local museum, a research lab, the market square, or a nearby park.

Some days, the teacher’s expertise is supplemented by discussions, workshops, and demonstrations run by visiting guest speakers, professionals at the top of their field. After the Major there is a brief lunch break. Students use this time to explore their neighborhood and discover places that tourists might miss: perhaps the artisan boulangerie just down the road, or the local deli two blocks over. Three days a week, there is a Minor class/Workshop in the afternoon, except in Cambridge, where students carry on with their Majors three afternoons a week, and on the Oxford Seminars, which don’t have afternoon classes.

On the programs that do have Minors/Workshops, they are an opportunity for students to immerse themselves in something they have never studied before, but have always been curious about, or to delve even deeper into their Major field by taking a related course. After class, students are free to choose from a wide variety of activities organized by the program staff. From sports to concerts, museum visits to movie nights, there are activities to suit all interests.

There might be a visit to the Fitzwilliam Museum’s exceptional art collection in Cambridge, a journey to the top of the Empire State Building in New York, or a trip to the beach in Barcelona. Students are also welcome to head out with friends to explore their new home for the summer, from famous landmarks to medieval byways.

In the evenings the entire program once again comes together for a meal. Over dinner, stories are told of the day’s adventures, knowledge is shared, and plans are made for the coming week or month. Most importantly, friendships are forged and deepened between students who remain friends long after the program is past.

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