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Where are our Oxbridge students now?

We enjoy hearing regular updates from our alumni about their academic progress. Here is a list of the top colleges and universities that our graduates have gone on to attend.

Survey of Graduates Attending

We regularly reach out to our alumni to update us on their academic progress. Here are the results of the most recent survey (updated in 2019), listing the top colleges and universities that our 591 respondents have gone on to attend.

Institution and number of Oxbridge graduates attending

New York University 44
Yale University 41
Harvard College 34
Columbia University 30
University of Southern California 26
University of Chicago 25
University of St. Andrews 22
University of Pennsylvania 20
McGill University 19
Princeton University 18
Barnard College 17
University of Edinburgh 16
University College London 15
University of Oxford 15
Georgetown University 14
Stanford University 14
University of Notre Dame 12
University of Michigan 10
Boston College 9
Brown University 9
Dartmouth College 9
Northwestern University 9
Tufts University 9
University of California, Los Angeles 9
University of British Columbia 9
Williams College 9
Emory University 8
University of Virginia 8
Duke University 7
George Washington University 7
Johns Hopkins University 7
King’s College London 7
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 7
Northeastern University 7
University of California, Berkeley 7
Vassar College 7
American University 6
London School of Economics 6
Oberlin College 6
University of Toronto 6
Washington University in St. Louis 6
Brandeis University 5
Barnard College 5
Cornell University 5
Franklin & Marshall College 5
Tulane University 5
Wellesley College 5

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